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long time no see

har alt for mye på hjertet for tiden som er hard kost for enkelte. Så derfor slenger jeg heller med noe som får meg til å le.


When there?s visitors at your house

When people in the hallway are so god damn slow


Walking out of a store after not buying anything and thinking, ?Try not to act like a criminal, try not to act like a criminal.?


When you and your friends do something insane and you have to leave before someone sees your face


When kids tell me they hate being a kid and can?t wait to grow up?


When the wind blows:




Me every time I look into a mirror


When you think you?ve finally taken a decent picture, but when you continue to stare it gets uglier.


Checking someone out




When you?re just sitting there listening to this person that you know is lying

and you?re like ?O rly??






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